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About Us

The Split Ease brand was developed out of a need in the marketplace for a reliable pill cutter that was able to cut any size pill, perfectly centered, every time. Power by Split Ease is the first release in the Split Ease brand. It is designed to provide a perfectly cut pill, and with its unique auto-centering system for pills ensuring that you receive the proper dosage you need. The sturdy construction, ultra-robust cutting edge and massive leverage ensures that anyone, regardless of hand strength or dexterity can safely and easily cut their pills.

We have truly created the last pill cutter you will ever need.

Split Ease operates as a division of Excellon Technologies: a diversified manufacturing firm dedicated to developing innovative products that make a difference in people’s lives.

After over a year of development using the latest in 3D printing technology, meticulous testing and refinement by a team of over a dozen professionals the Power by Split Ease was released to the public.

Split Ease expands on Excellon’s vision to provide the best, highest quality products to the world. Every product we make must answer yes to the question: is it perfect?

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